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Diamond Infinity

What is an Infinity Diamond?

Quite literally, an Infinity Diamond is made of you, your family members, or your beloved. From a simple lock of hair, we gather the carbon required to create a diamond that’s unlike any other, a diamond that encapsulated your memories and your life. An Infinity Diamond is a real, permanent symbol of the people you love and the relationships dear to your heart.

An infinity Diamond is more than a temporary symbol of affection, it’s the only diamond that unites your past, present, and future in a real and meaningful way. Infinity Diamonds are graded of the highest quality, clarity, beauty, and strength which makes them the ideal keepsake and conveyor of your life story. An Infinity Diamond is not only a unique gift, it’s a piece of your heart: A precious heirloom that forever carries and preserves your legacy.   www.infinitydiamond.com